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About us

Who we are

Home Health Systems,
a division of RoweBots Limited,
was started in direct response to critical factors
in Ontario, Canada.
We developed the R2CMS concussion monitoring system in 2016 which lead to the development of the SPORTsSAFER athlete monitoring system. Using components of this technology,
Home Health Systems is field testing SafetyPatch intended for monitoring the health of people on the move concerned about rapid changes in vital signs or falling.
Charles and Virginia Barnard were concerned about winter travel for physician appointments in 1982

We do it right

The challenge of travel for older patients to get treatment in winter or even in the summer was noted by 1980 with potential electronic solutions impractical at that time. As early as 1995, burgeoning healthcare costs threatened the level of care and dominated the spending of the province of Ontario, and by then the technology was available. Studies showed that using home care as opposed to hospital care could reduce the costs of care by approximately 10X while improving quality of life for patients; however, the industry was not ready for this.

In 2007, RoweBots started experimenting with the use of accelerometers to detect concussions in order to prevent further concussions and to do fall detection and gait analysis.  By 2010, RoweBots embarked on a long term program to bring chronic patients and older patients health care in their home over the internet. Initial developments  of sensors were put on hold as efforts were focused on wireless gateways with the ability to serve a variety of different devices from various vendors. The gateways were developed but a clear market was not available.

With a broad protocol wireless gateway available, extensive intellectual property in the microcontroller software, the Unison RTOS, OEM product development skills and sensor processing experience, it was clear that RoweBots could quickly deliver OEM products in the home health care market. Home Health Systems was born to address the needs for home health care.

Our team

Collaborating with medical experts, our core team has developed unique world class devices.

Kim Rowe

Kim Rowe

Founder, MBA, MEng
Andriy Nikitenko

Andriy Nikitenko

Manager Applications, MEng
Lena Oginskaya

Lena Oginskaya

Marketing, MSc